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Book Review | The One You Love

The One You Love (Emma Holden Suspense Mystery, #1)

The One You Love by Paul Pilkington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To be honest, like a mystery novel lover, I figured everything out from the beginning.

I put the book down more than twice and I forgot a lot of the character’s names because there was no attachment. I remembered them through actions.

“Oh yeah, that’s the girl. Wait what was her role again?”

My point is, there was really no lead in this novel. Everyone played a small role, including the victims (which was everyone). Even with Emma as the main character and all that followed her until the end, I still feel like I don’t know her. I think Stuart was the only one that had more explanation to who he was but that’s only because it needs to be explained.

I have this a three-star because it got interesting after the visit to the Myers home, but that was the only climax. That’s also when you realize what was really going on. I believe this happened somewhere in the middle of the book so you must really get past all the dragging of the voice of reason from Emma as she tried to understand why her fiance left her and why Richard was beaten over the head?

Confused? Don’t be. There really is no confusion.

This book will have you wondering who these people are then why they did the things they did. The author gave you the answers for the action, but never once did he want you to feel anything for the characters.

This was just a book to tell a story. It’s not a book to fall in love with it, although the book is about “what would you do for love.” There is irony somewhere in there if you ask me.

Will I read book 2? Not so sure. I might if I’m bored because I want to know what Peter told Lizzy.

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Now Let’s Get Personal

This book is fresh on my mind since I finished it a few days ago.
As noted in my Goodreads review, I feel like the characters were undeveloped. I could not connect to any of them. It was very hard, but the idea behind the story is interesting.

What will you do for love?

We have all been there before so let us talk about it without spoiling the novel so much. Some people will kill for love. Some will go the distance to put their life in harm’s way for the people they love. Then there is the love that is so strong for one person but they do not return it.

I have encountered them all, besides putting myself in harm’s way. I was rejected in love, and I have been the one to reject. I have met someone who did everything including stalking me because he believes we should be together. This guy went as far as becoming friends with my little brother just so he can get closer to me again.

What exactly is love? How can one define it more differently than the next? While my stalker felt like we belong together, I did not see it his way. This all plays into the storyline of this novel, which is part of a series. Along with stalking and risking your life, there were questions in the book that questions how someone can walk away from the one they love and decide later in life that they made a mistake.

That is the confusing part of the definition of love because love is just a feeling. You can love just about anything. You can also hate just about anything. How are these two different? It is just words to describe a good and bad feeling with really no in-between.

Let me know what you think.