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Kindle Corners Subscription Box

As of today, we have launched our Subscription Box service!


We have been working tirelessly on this plan for a year, and we are happy this project is up and running.

How It Works

Welcome to Kindle Corners Subscription Box where we support Writers, local businesses, and Booklovers. Our goal is to introduce writers to readers and the gifts that you receive will be created personally for you from a local business.

What To Expect

A physical book, a Kindle Book download code, and two personalize gifts for every book lovers.

Kindle Corners will continue to focus on book reviews, but we have taken it a step further and bring the books to your doorstep. We have connected with several authors and businesses that would love to be part of our boxes. Now, all we need is your full attention.

This is a different Book Subscription because we will make this personal for you. We want to build the relationship between our subscribers, our writers, and our business partners. We want to make sure that this is your favorite monthly expectation.

Come visit us and try us. You will not regret it. Follow our social for monthly freebies and future promotions. This business began with you and the writing community in mind.

Kindle Corners Subscription Box

Thanks for dropping by!

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Should I Trust Kindle’s Recommendation?

The title posed a serious question since I gave up on Netflix because of a weak recommendation system. YouTube is following this whole strategy to irritate me, which is why I have been deleting my watch history every night.

Recommendations feel controlled. The platform makes you feel like they base the recommendation on your search history but tell me why most of the videos recommended on YouTube are usually of channels that are popular and not random? It makes me wonder if Amazon is recommending writers who have not established an audience yet or are they recommending books have a paid-for promotion?

Let’s check out the first ten titles that were recommended to me.

I haven’t read the description and I won’t judge a book by its cover, so I cannot even tell you if I will enjoy these books. At least I have some titles that I can add to my list of reviews. You can stay tuned for that.

To answer the main question of whether we can trust Amazon recommendations on Kindle Unlimited, I wouldn’t trust it if I am looking for something to spend my day enjoying. Most of the books I have in my kindle library are psychological thriller and romantic comedies. I have never searched books on politics, history, or contemporary romance.

I work in digital marketing so I know of ranking books that editors favor and the paid promotional novels. Therefore, I started this website. I want to give all writers an opportunity to share their work, their babies, and their stories. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to present themselves without having to go broke but there are only a few platforms that will offer these opportunities. Every website is biased. Everyone has a favorite, and the promotion comes with a price.

Therefore, if you have a published work or want me to read your work, email me at I am always looking forward to working with writers near and far!

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My 2020 Book Review Plan

I found this interesting WordPress plugin that may work for my future book review projects. I was pulling my reviews off Goodreads and it was looking very unprofessional. I want to go a different route.

I searched the Word press plugin and found this.

I will try it out for tomorrow’s post because I have a lot of titles I want to experiment with. I want it to look close to Kindle review formats. That’s my preference.

My Book Review Plan

Since this is a job, I want to focus on the aspect of the story, the writing technique, and the way the writer presents their story to the world. I have been hasty with my older reviews, but for 2020; I want to be more detailed and in-depth to help readers find the right novel to enjoy.

I love committing to sharing what I found without having to be biased. There are too many reviews that are too personal. These are things that I want to avoid. I want to focus on the craft and the art that is presented in these books.

The questions that I will answer are hypothetical. Then I want to discuss what I believe the writer is trying to tell you, the reader. I want to get my point of view across engaging questions and less with criticism.

I Will Be Genre Focus Now

I was telling myself that I will stay open-minded in reading but with the way many stories are that I have read, I cannot put myself through this form of punishment. 

For 2020, I will focus on these genres:

  1. Psychological Thriller
  2. Suspense
  3. Mystery
  4. Horror
  5. Self Help (who doesn’t like self-help)
  6. Young adult novel
  7. Romantic Comedy

Upcoming News

I have something that I want to announce, but it is not the time for the big reveal yet. It is an upcoming project that I am very excited about. Come back later for the announcement or subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates.

That’s all the updates I have for now. It is New Year’s day, so I will publish later and keep you all posted with the plugin and the new project.

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Three Months of Kindle

Ever since I gave in and signed up for the three months of Kindle Unlimited, I have to admit that I have been reading more. I am making use of my brand new Kindle.

What Do I Love So Far?

The Amazon First Read is an awesome option where an editor will pick out a few books and you can download it for free. I have selected a few titles already and cannot wait to jump into more.

Right Next Door: A Psychological ThrillerRight Next Door: A Psychological Thriller by Leah Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was quite an interesting read. I would have finished this book 10 hours ago but unlike Marcy, my husband likes to pull me away from my escapism.

I can repeat what this book is about but I’m sure before you purchased it, you have read it.

The detailed experience of the captivity was very riveting and it drags you to that moment. You can feel the pain, torment, the angst, and the desperation.

Of course it was hard to grip the idea of the twist which is why I gave this book a four star. How have you been in the mind of these two but can only understand one? Yes I’m aware there are secrets but if its a one person narrative, it makes it hard to believe that these two have traded places that easily.

I had it figured out during the fire though only because nothing else made sense lol. Overall the book is enjoyable and I’m sure you will like it, if not, love it.

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Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon offers a prime reading. This service comes with your Prime subscription, while Kindle Unlimited is a standalone subscription for $9.99 a month. I have not experimented with prime reading long enough to give you a detailed review based on my experience, but I will soon.

I want to start a real-time review of the books I read on Twitter, but I will let you know how I will approach it. Until then, just follow my account.

If you are a writer and you want me to read your novel, link it down below. I would love to look and review it.

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Bought My First Kindle!

Amazon kept sending me promos about signing up for Kindle Unlimited and getting three months free. When I purchased this domain, I was already purchasing a lot of books through Kindle for my phone and I was getting a lot of books through the giveaway on Goodread, so I figured it would not hurt to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. Plus, it gives me a reason to read more books and write reviews on here.

Amazon kept shooting me promos about signing up for Kindle Unlimited and getting three months free. When I gained this domain, I was already picking up a collection of novels through Kindle for my phone and I was winning a load of novels through the giveaway on Goodreads, so I figured it would not hurt to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. Plus, it gives me a reason to read more books and write reviews on here.

Kindle with Built-In Front Light

There was a deal that I could not protest. For $59.99, I would get $5 towards a novel from the kindle store. It is the Kindle with built-in front light. I was just expressing to my husband I am considering for something less distracting when I burrow far into my stories. He recommended getting a kindle because it is an eReader and the sole purpose is to read.

I concurred.

We purchased the Kindle and purchased a case that states it was for the Kindle Paperwhite. We thought it would qualify because their screen is both six inches. Unfortunately, the case was a little bigger than this Kindle. Small oopsie. I’ll hold the case. It will maintain my Kindle safe and sealed away at night.

My Thoughts So Far

I love the fact that the Kindle charges quickly, but as for the long lasting battery advertisement, I can say it is misleading. I was skimming and setting up my Kindle for two hours, and I was down ten percent.

Although the package states that the Kindle comes with 4 GB, it is really 3 GB because the Kindle already runs off 1 GB. Verified customers on Amazon also proclaimed that you can keep up to 1,000 titles with 1 GB but I merely have two books loaded on to the Kindle and I am remaining at 2.59 GB free. Those novels are as lengthy as a four-hour read.

As I am composing this, my Kindle went from 100% to 97% with no one handling it. I have only been writing for ten minutes.

Minus all of that issue because I can consistently keep all in the cloud storage and I should regularly pack a charger, this Kindle is accomplishing its job. It is a reader without interruption unless you are leafing through the Kindle store. Yes, you have the choice for that. Now I can read without having to deal with my phone going off for work. That’s all I preferred.

That is my update for the night. I am thrilled to issue all my analysis on this site now, which I personalized for writing reviews based on Kindle and updates on everything kindle. I will talk to you later. Ciao for now!