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Three Months of Kindle

Ever since I gave in and signed up for the three months of Kindle Unlimited, I have to admit that I have been reading more. I am making use of my brand new Kindle.

What Do I Love So Far?

The Amazon First Read is an awesome option where an editor will pick out a few books and you can download it for free. I have selected a few titles already and cannot wait to jump into more.

Right Next Door: A Psychological ThrillerRight Next Door: A Psychological Thriller by Leah Montgomery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was quite an interesting read. I would have finished this book 10 hours ago but unlike Marcy, my husband likes to pull me away from my escapism.

I can repeat what this book is about but I’m sure before you purchased it, you have read it.

The detailed experience of the captivity was very riveting and it drags you to that moment. You can feel the pain, torment, the angst, and the desperation.

Of course it was hard to grip the idea of the twist which is why I gave this book a four star. How have you been in the mind of these two but can only understand one? Yes I’m aware there are secrets but if its a one person narrative, it makes it hard to believe that these two have traded places that easily.

I had it figured out during the fire though only because nothing else made sense lol. Overall the book is enjoyable and I’m sure you will like it, if not, love it.

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Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon offers a prime reading. This service comes with your Prime subscription, while Kindle Unlimited is a standalone subscription for $9.99 a month. I have not experimented with prime reading long enough to give you a detailed review based on my experience, but I will soon.

I want to start a real-time review of the books I read on Twitter, but I will let you know how I will approach it. Until then, just follow my account.

If you are a writer and you want me to read your novel, link it down below. I would love to look and review it.

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