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Book Review | Second Chances

Second Chances

Second Chances by Alison Stanley
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I know it’s a Christian romance book but there was no character development.

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Now Let’s Get Personal

I hate giving a book one star but one star does not mean it’s a bad book. I rate my books based on whether I will go back to read it.

This is a book that I will not go back to read.

My one-sentence review on Goodreads says it all. It’s a Christian romance about second chances. No, no, no. It is not the second chance that you are thinking of. It is not the second chance that most relationships hand out when one partner did something wrong, such as committing adultery.

A second chance with your choice. Such as you made a mistake in life, they will forgive you. God gave you the sign to continue on.

This started off as a romance book, but it led to a path of morality. The story follows Rachel, who has to decide between two men. One is the church boy and the other, a single father who doesn’t follow a religion, which is negative for Rachel. Then there is Hannah who married the love of her life but a secret she was holding for so long was tearing her apart. At first, I thought Hannah had committed adultery, but it was a just feeling for someone in her past. Her husband forgave all, and they both moved on.

As for Rachel, she picked single father Nate only to find out that after spending time with her and feeling like God forgave him; He returned to his son’s mother to rebuild their relationship for their son. It was a bummer for Rachel who had to turn back to church boy after rejecting him for the bad boy.

Well, you can imagine what happens.

That was it.

I guess I was hoping for a different story but as I mentioned above, this is a Christian novel where family, faith, and forgiveness is more important than adding fuel to the fire to get readers excited. It gives readers hope. It is a very short story, so this can be a good read for anyone while waiting at the DMV or doctor’s office.

I don’t have a thought on this matter, so I will leave this review the way it is. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear your feedback soon.

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