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Book Review | Saving Wishes

My Goodreads Review

Saving Wishes (Wishes, #1)

Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t expect to finish this book in less than 24 hours because I haven’t sat down with a good book in almost a decade.

.. But I did.

This book delves into the storyline fairly quickly, introducing each character and their meanings without missing a beat. I read one of the one-star reviews and although I can understand the reader’s annoyance about cliff hangers; I don’t think the review was fair on the author nor the intentions of the story.

Back to the book. I didn’t miss a beat. I read every word. I took in every little visual the author intended to introduce into this book. I know many people can relate to the issues that seventeen-year-old Charli the spider was going through, along with her dreams and aspirations. Then there was the secret that could have confused any teenage girl who felt her whole life was a lie. Oh, let’s not forget big wonder who helped her build the confidence that she needed to move forward with her goals.

Should the ending have ended the way it did? I expected Ethan and Nic to do what they did and yes, the ending was a great touch. It leads me to download the next series and in five hours, I will review Second Heart (wishes number 2) and hopefully, I’ll find out what happened to Mitchell and Roe somewhere down the line.

Great literature and definitely something worth reading.

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Now Let’s Get Personal

I read this book two years ago. At that moment when I laid eyes on book one of the wish series, I remember the feeling I used to get when I am reading young adult novels in my teenage years. There was just something about Charli and her innocent imagination of fairies and make-belief.

Then you have Adam.

The relationship that these two have was sweet and innocent enough where you know there could be no drama between them. If there were any, you would not hang at the edge of your seat, wondering how they will get over it because he is patient when Charli is not.

I am writing this personal review from memory since I read these years ago and I have since read most of the series by this time. I remember Charli finding out who her father was and my first thought was, “this will mess this girl up so badly!” It was bad enough that she felt abandoned at a young age but once she found out that her father was right there with her the whole time and have never abandoned her, you can feel the pain and the forgiveness after he exposed the reason.

Overall, the details of the story along with how beautifully crafted Pipers Cove was, I set the thought of traveling to Australia on my bucket list. I want to see those pictures that Charli was famous for. I was to feel the breeze of the sea as I pretended to surf with her.

This book ended with Adam leaving back to New York and Charli have decided she would set her travel to Africa with Mitchell. The question of “what will happen to Charli and Adam” will have you picking up book two of the series.

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